Ice Ribbon results 24-28th March 2009

Been ill for a few days so got behind a bit... so lets catch up again!

Ice Ribbon 61
Ice Ribbon dojo 24/03/09
56 fans

Natsuki*Taiyo & Hoshi Hamuko bt Makoto & Fujimoto Tsubasa in 12:16
Takanashi Masa bt Kajiwara Kei in 9:28
Tamura Yoshiko & Hikari Shida bt Tanny Mouse & Miyako Miyachi in 12:26
Nanae Takahashi bt Aoi Kizuki in 13:14

Ice Ribbon 62
Ice Ribbon dojo 28/03/09 14:00
59 fans

Natsuki*Taiyo & Miyako Miyachi bt Makoto & Hoshi Hamuko in 11:16
Yanagi Nishiki bt Ryo Chokumo in 6:59
Apple Miyuki bt Aiki Ando in 7:21
Sawa Suki & Sato Yuuore bt Takanashi Masa & Kajiwara Kei in 9:59
Nanae Takahashi bt Aoi Kizuki in 6:58

Ice Ribbon 63
Ice Robbon dojo 28/03/09 18:00
68 fans

Makoto bt Miyako Miyachi in 6:56
Cherry bt Aiki Ando in 5:34
Sawa Suki & Sato Yuuore bt Kitaka Isami & Ryu Chokumo in 11:52
Hoshi Hamuko & Kizumi Shimouma bt Aoi Kizuki & Akagi Haruna in 12:21

Okuda's new look

T. Okuda, late of Sendai and now in Tokyo on Team MAKEHEN's books is adopting the Tokyo look already though pink leopard skin is so wrong girl!

Ice Ribbon results 21st March 2009

Ice Ribbon 59
Ice Ribbon dojo 21/03/09 14:00
61 fans

Aoi Kizuki drew with Minori Makiba (10:00)
Ice Minami bt Tanny Mouse & Miyako Miyachi in 6:32
Makoto bt Fujimoto Tsubasa in 8:12
Nanae Takahashi & Emi Sakura bt Seina & Hoshi Hamuko in 15:06

Ice Ribbon 60
Ice Ribbon dojo 21/03/09 18:00
53 fans

Yoshiko Tamura bt Miyako Miyachi in 9:06
Tanny Mouse drew with Makoto (10:00)
Nanae Takahashi & Emi Sakura bt Aoi Kizuki & Hoshi Hamuko 2 falls to 0 in 24:30

Minori Makiba who is popular in Sendai

Ice Ribbon results 18th March 2009

Ice Ribbon 58
Ice Ribbon dojo 18/03/09
32 fans (ouch!)

Nanae Takahashi bt Miyako Miyachi in 8:53
Tanny Mouse bt Aoi Kizuki in 8:47
CHANGO bt Yamada Manpondo in 7:37
Hiroshi Matsumoto bt Hoshi Hamuko in 11:46

Ice Ribbon results 14th March 2009

Ice Ribbon 56
Ice Ribbon dojo 14/03/09 14:00
44 fans

Seina bt Ice Minami in 4:34
Tanny Mouse & Miyako Miyachi bt Yoshiko Tamura & Miyako Matsumoto in 10:09
Makoto bt Kazumi Shimouma in 9:00
Aoi Kizuki & Fujimoto Tsukasa bt Nanae Takahashi & Hoshi Hamuko in 16:30

Ice Ribbon 57
Ice Ribbon dojo 14/03/09 18:00
43 fans

Aoi Kizuki bt Hoshi Hamuko in 8:46
Emi Sakura bt Tanny Mouse & Miyako Miyachi in 7:51
Yoshiko Tamura bt Makoto in 9:47
Nanae Takahashi bt Kazumi Shimouma in 12:29

LLPW to hold 2 cards next weekend

LLPW will be holding 2 cards on the weekend of March 21 and 22 at the Kasai Physical Education Centre and Toiyacho BIC Site. A number of guest stars will be turning up for both including Kaori Yoneyama, Mima Shimoda, Yumiko Hotta and Toshie Uematsu. No Kandori though and Okino is still MIA.

To annoy the English speaking on-line joshi fan community i present this photo of Ayumi Kurihara getting pounded at a LLPW card earlier this year. LL!!!

Ice Ribbon results 11th March 2009

Ice Ribbon 55
Ice Ribbon dojo 11/03/09
48 fans

Emi Sakura bt Miyako Miyachi in 6:23
Aoi Kizuki bt Aika Ando in 5:55
Tanny Mouse drew with Makoto (10:00)
Nanae Takahashi & Hoshi Hamuko bt Hikari Shida & Fujimoto Tsukasa in 18:11

Fujimoto Tsukasa
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